Find Affordable Health Insurance Plans

03/11/2014 13:34

Florida residents that happen to be self employed and seeking overall health insurance coverage possess a number of choices offered to them. Be aware that based upon your well being, your age, and also other elements one of a kind for your specific situation there is certainly no tough and fast rule as to which option is greatest for you personally. Nonetheless, you can find some common suggestions that could assist you make the best Florida self employed overall health insurance coverage decision.

The very first Florida overall health insurance option readily available to the self employed should be to simply apply for a person health insurance policy. The advantage to applying for a person health insurance policy is that person well being insurance prices in Florida are very competitive.

The downside to attempting to buy an individual wellness insurance coverage policy inside the state of Florida is the fact that you have to be healthy. As outlined by FL law, a health insurance business can decline your application for a person health insurance coverage policy based on prior medical history (pre-existing circumstances), height and weight restrictions, and other wellness associated criteria.

That suggests when you have cancer, diabetes, weight complications, or a host of other physical ailments then you will be denied coverage with a Florida person wellness insurance coverage policy. (Any unscrupulous agent that tries to let you know other sensible is misrepresenting what ever item she or he is trying to sell you as wellness insurance coverage when actually it is actually most likely a discount well being plan or even a well being insurance coverage indemnity strategy with extremely restricted coverage).

The second Florida health insurance alternative readily available towards the self employed is to apply to get a Florida group overall health insurance coverage strategy. In Florida, any group of two employer/employees or much more is deemed eligible to get a Florida modest group well being insurance. (If it is just you: 1 self employed person functioning as a sole proprietor within the state of Florida then you possess a diverse selection open to you - see choice three beneath). The benefit to applying for any Florida tiny group well being insurance policy is that that specific well being concerns which will signal an automatic decline on the person well being insurance side is not going to signal an automatic decline on the group overall health insurance side.